Oakland Chinatown Boba Tea Shop

One Milk Tea Chinatown; 349 7th St, Oakland
About One Milk Tea Chinatown

Another boba shop in Oakland Chinatown? That's partially true. One Milk Tea in Oakland Chinatown will be serving something different from our sister locations: espresso and spiked beverages.

In collaboration with Orbit Coffee and possibly Alameda Island Brewing, One Milk Tea Chinatown aims to be a hub for locals and the general population alike to hangout, work, study, or just simply relax.

We'll be serving the top 15 drinks from all our locations, along with in-house cold-brew, and hand-crafted boozy boba teas.

Hours of operation
Monday12:30PM - 11:00PM
Tuesday12:30PM - 6:00PM
Wednesday12:30PM - 11:00PM
Thursday12:30PM - 11:00PM
Friday12:30PM - 11:00PM
Saturday12:30PM - 11:00PM
Sunday12:30PM - 11:00PM

(510) 384-0320



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