Frequently Asked Questions

In this page, we compile and answer the list of questions that are frequently asked by our new and existing customers.

The rankings vary depending on location, however, these few definitely are the go-to for many customers:

  1. Taro Milk Tea (we wrap fresh taro around the cup to give it that extra kick)
  2. Brown Sugar Black Milk Tea
  3. Brown Sugar Roasted Oolong
  4. Strawberry Fruit Tea
  5. Super Fruit Tea
  6. Mango Fruit Tea
  7. Sakura (this was recommended by our Sacramento location's customer, Mindy)
  8. Thai Milk Tea (you cannot go wrong with this one)

We've also included our Top 3 Milk Teas for this winter here:
Top 3 Drinks For Winter

Yes, we do. Our Smoothie (except Matcha Smoothie), Fizz, & Taro Milk Tea are caffeine free.

Just a side note, these drinks are non-adjustable in terms of sweetness with the exception to the Taro Milk Tea.

If you're looking for something with tea, definitely check out anything in the Black Milk Tea category.

For coffee, check out our Coffee Milk Tea. As an avid drinker of coffee for the last 10 years, this drink still gives me the jitters every time.

Check out the Fruit Teas and Green Teas section. It'll contain less caffeine compared to other categories as we brew our green teas a little differently.

We serve a variety of dairy substitutes within our stores including soy milk, almond milk, and oat milk. Please call stores to confirm.

Our boba is made of tapiocha starch which stems from a cassava root.

Yes, we do offer catering. Please reach out to with your name, phone number, range of guests attending your event, and the type of drinks you want served.

Yes, we do. Please reach out to

If you want less sugar, we do recommend just sticking with anything in the base teas (except Thai Tea). Black Milk Tea, Roasted Oolong, and Jasmine Milk Tea; a 0%, means absolute no sugar added. For any other drink, 0% is still sweet due to the flavoring syrup.

If you do not like any of those choices, Taro Milk Tea may be a better alternative. You can try 25% sweet, 25% ice, with brown sugar boba. The fresh taro we wrap around the cup gives the drink an extra layer of tamed sweetness.

Yes, most of our drinks are dairy-free. We use non-dairy creamer to create our milk teas. Items that are NOT dairy-free are the Thai Milk Tea, Smoothies, Taro Milk Tea & Matcha Milk Tea. But we do offer dairy-alternatives. Please ask front of house staff.

Funny enough, this is a pretty common question and the answer is NO WE DO NOT USE POWDERED BASE TEAS. Who uses that anyways?

The only items powdered are our Taro and Matcha. However, we do blend in fresh taro to amplify the taste of our Taro Milk Tea.

Awesome! Please visit our Licensing page for more information. If anything, feel free to reach out to or through our contact page below:

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