Proven Concept

Point blank, One Milk Tea is a proven concept. Unlike other other online and in-person boba training courses, we have the data and the stores to back it up. In our courses, we will train you, connect you with our vendors, and continually update you on new products so your menu does not stay stale. Whether you're just dabbling, want to open your own One Milk Tea store, or injecting One Milk Tea products into your existing business, we have the guidance and in-depth training you and your team would need to make it happen. Welcome to the team!

You're In Control

Make One Milk Tea truly yours. As licensors, we only extend control over our products. When it comes to decor or any other menu items related to food, YOU are in control. We want our customers to have a great and unique experience every time they visit a One Milk Tea.

One Milk Tea Origin

One Milk Tea began in May 2019 in Sacramento, California, with the simple objective of serving the boldest and most flavorful tea to the customers. In the last three years, One Milk Tea has grown from one to seven stores; each operated by different licensees like you! By August of 2021, One Milk Tea licensed it's first store in Roseville and Oakland Fruitvale in the following month. By mid-2022, O.M.T has expanded to a total of 7 more locations along with three upcoming.

Are You Ready?

Welcome! We're happy to see that you are still interested in starting your boba journey! All training would take course online with our in-depth training modules. If you sign up for the licensing package, the course is xx long and will include materials related to store opening. When you are ready, one of our team members can come out to your area and help you get started.

One Milk Tea ™ 2024