One Milk Tea Founding

When my friends and customers alike ask me how the first One Milk Tea came to be, I always like to tell the same story; I was tired of drinking milk teas without tasting the tea.

Side note, I enjoy both coffee and tea and have developed a palette early on in my teenage years. This palette would evenually evolve overtime as my intake skyrocketed. What I enjoy about these two beverages was that each blend painted a story from initial taste to finish. So when it came to the conception of One Milk Tea, I wanted future customers, like yourself, to enjoy the experience of this story-telling from a tea perspective.

Before I bought into the brick-&-mortar in Sacramento, I began the search for the boldest and strongest tea. A few months in, I've narrowed down the selection and began testing batches upon batches on family and friends. When I was confident in my selection of the original teas for the store, the next obstacle was to ensure that attribute of the tea would still shine when layered with creamer and flavoring syrup. This process of stabilizing and balancing took a few more months until I was fully confident that I had something. Perfect? I think not. However, One Milk Tea, I would like to think, is a dynamic milk tea shop. We grow with our customers and their feedback.

June 2019 came along and the first One Milk Tea was on it's way from concept to realization. On September 17, 2019, the first One Milk Tea opened it's door to the public.

Today, August 10, 2022, I am blessed to say we have grown to three locations (Roseville, Oakland, & Sacramento) and with two more in the next few months.

Thank you for being a loyal patron. If you are new or considering to try out something new at One Milk Tea, please visit our Menu page to help you figure out the best drink to order.

Andrew L.

Original One Milk Tea Sacramento lobby Original One Milk Tea Sacramento dining area

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