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It's a balance

One Milk Tea believes in serving only the finest quality loose-leaf tea to all of our customers. Through the process of sifting through our teas or concocting new boba (bubble) teas, we aim to ensure that our boba (bubble) milk teas favor a defined balance between the tea and it's flavor.

Every cup, whether it's the rich malty character of our loose-leaf black tea in the Brown Sugar Black Milk Tea or refreshing aromatic scent of our Jasmine in the Super Fruit Tea, all of our boba (bubble) teas have been tweaked with balance in mind.

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Our service to you

It's in our core. From the first location to the newest locations, we train our staff and partners to treat our customers like how we, ourselves, would want to be treated.

Every one of our locations offer a unique environment, however, we're proud to announce that our service remains constant. When you walk into one of our boba shops, you will know that you are not just another transaction. We treat you like how we would treat our friends and family.

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