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One Milk Tea

Welcome to the O.M.T Family!

If you enjoy serving customers and believe in product quality, we know you'll be an awesome addition to our O.M.T family.

At One Milk Tea, we respect your individuality. As such, every single one of our locations offer an unique different experience (decor, different menu items, amenities, etc.), however, product and customer service must always remain the same. We want you to show YOU in your own store and allow customers to see who you are through your own unique O.M.T experience.


Your success is of utmost important to us. On signing, we'll work with you every step of the way to ensure that your store is off to a good start. We also make it easy and affordable to open one of our stores. In more general terms, here is the breakdown:

  • An initial licensing fee and application fee
  • Royalty fee of 3.5% of monthly gross sales

How we'll help:

  • In-store training up to 3 weeks
  • Access to all of our menu items and their formulas
  • We'll build your menu with you (every store may have their own unique items)
  • Access to an easy-to-use inventory ordering platform
  • List of machinery and other necessities necessary to efficiently operate a O.M.T
  • Yelp, Instagram, and Facebook set-up
  • Access to all of our vendors

What you'll need to get started:

  • A lease that is ready to sign or has been signed and is at-minimum 15 miles away from another O.M.T location in Sacramento, CA or 5 miles in Bay Area, CA.
  • Liquid capital of at least $100,000

Are you ready?

If you want more information or ready to proceed, please email or

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